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360° Protective Style, Innovation & Fashion/Luxury accessories for smart-phones and technology-based devices

About Us

Aegis Vision Limited specialises in bespoke design for smartphone and technology- based devices. Our main focus being Luxury & Innovation. We are a UK based company with an ever expanding global footprint, extending from the UK, Europe, Africa and as far afield as Middle East, Asia, USA and Australia.

Our company has current relationships and has lead projects for global brands who wish to enter into the mobile/personal technology accessory market. We take the lead on every element:

Product Design & Development | Packaging & Retail Positioning | Brand building & Marketing Strategy.

Our multi-skilled in-house team focused on producing the ultimate enhancements and accessories covering and compatible with all the major OEM devices.

Our expertise and ability covers all aspects from design conception to distribution on a global platform.

Our product strategy and expertise keeps abreast of the ever moving technology market alongside luxury fashion and global trends.

We have vast experience in brand licensing, from mass market to global iconic lifestyle to high-end luxury brands.

Our successful work with associated brand ambassadors has given us the attributes to provide a seamless bespoke 360° marketing & PR service.

The company has significantly invested and developed its logistical infrastructure, resulting in the ability to provide high capacity direct shipping services. Aegis now has a capable platform enabling customers to receive a swifter & more cost effective route to DC/Retail.

31 Years


Experience In The Leather & Fashion Industry


25 Years

Experience In Mobile Accessories

25 Years

Experience In Licensing & Luxury Brand Building

Office Locations

Aegis Vision Ltd Head Office
London, UK

  • UK Design & Marketing Team
  • Professional PR Appointment
  • Logistical & Warehousing Facility
  • Dedicated Manufacturing
  • Dedicated QC Team
  • World Wide Shipping Distribution

Aegis Vision Trading LLC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Office Location: Business Bay, Dubai
  • UAE Based Experienced Sales Team
  • UAE Channel Support Marketing
  • Dubai Warehousing
  • Local Drop-Ship Facility

Aegis Vision Ltd Sales Office

  • Sales


Relationship Driven

We will provide the perfect marketing plan to see that all of our customers’ needs are met and we aim to build long lasting relationships in the process.

Fashion & Design Leaders

Aegis provides expertise by analyzing and keeping abreast of the technology market, fashion and global trends.

Quality & Functionality

Aegis has a proven track record which in turn has allowed our partners and customers significant success for time of launch solutions.

Customer Focused

Our consultative approach gives us insights into our customers’ strategic objectives. This allows us to create propositions that will best meet the final objective.

Environmentally Conscious

Aegis strives to attain the highest environmental protective standards. Our commitment is to achieve optimum results in reducing harm to the worlds eco system.

Bespoke Capabilities

Our successful work with associated brand ambassadors has given us the attributes to provide a seamless bespoke 360° service from conception to completion.

Strength & Speciality

Concept Design

License & Brand Approval



At Time of Launch

To market in 4-6 weeks
Bespoke Expertise & Ability

Bundle Pack
Bundle Pack

In-Box Solutions
In-Box Solutions

Promotion Products
Promotion Products

CO Branding
CO Branding


As a company we strive to use recycled material, PET and new innovations such as organic inks. We look to ensure our carbon footprint is always significantly low and our shipping adheres to the governmental directives and national/global compliances.

Global Presence


Austria | Denmark | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Lithuania | Norway | Slovakia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | UK


China | India | Japan | Korea | Kuwait | Malaysia | Russia | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | UAE

Rest of the World

Algeria | Australia | Canada | Colombia | Morocco | Mexico | South Africa | Tunisia | USA


◉ Present◉ 2020 Roll-Out

2018 Austria
2018 Spain
2018 Turkey


Saudi Arabia




2018 China

2018 Korea

2018 Singapore

2018 India

2018 Russia

2018 Kuwait

South Africa



2018 Mexico

2018 Colombia

2018 Algeria

2018 Tunisia

2018 Morocco

Brand Experience

Our brand partnership experience shows our ability to provide the perfect proposition for global brand with specific target demographics.


Iconic Brand

Uunique London providing accessories inspired by catwalk-trends and high-end luxury accessory designers.

Our ethos is deep-rooted in London style, offering a multi-tiered range of products for every segment in the technology market. Skillfully designed products unseen anywhere in the market.

Adorned with Certified 13 Carat Diamonds Including Black, White and Rarest Pink.

Hand Crafted in the USA

Set in Pure 18 Carat Rose Gold

Uunique Lotus

In November 2012 the world witnessed Aegis Vision launch the Uunique Lotus the most expensive iPhone 5 case in the world. Valued at £189,000, the Uunique Lotus is made of 18 carat rose gold, encrusted with a multitude of rare pink and white diamonds.

The case is inspired by the Exotic Water Lotus symbolizing strength, progress, purity and prosperity; this one of a kind case is adorned with black, white and pink diamonds and accented with intricate mother of pearl inlay. The case is accompanied with a bespoke leather clutch purse, designed in a beautiful combination of Croc and Ostrich skin leather lining.

The beautiful piece is adorned with the brand elements in rose gold charms. All sitting within a wooden box made from Oak and two varieties of burl and black Walnut, which are 3 very rare woods. All the precious diamonds are certified by the Gemological institute of America. Provided with the Lotus is a short film which takes the purchaser on the journey of how it was made and hand crafted, a truly Uunique complete story.

“The World’s Most Expensive iPhone 5 Case”

Total Diamonds weighing 31.40 Carat

Total Diamonds weighing 31.40 Carat

The Uunique Tesori, evokes the idea of a hidden treasure found in the deepest blue ocean. The oceans is a place of infinite, dramatic and turbulent waves, showing characteristics of strength, confidence and determination, all reflected within the Tesori’s beautiful design.

Tesori is a beautiful treasure, made for iPhone, hand crafted by artisans with 70 years of fine jewellery manufacturing experience.

  • Set on 18 K (750) yellow and white gold
  • Using 1020 diamonds
  • 52K TW in White Diamonds
  • 88 K TW in treated Blue Diamonds
  • Total Diamonds weighing 31.40 Carat

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Aegis Vision Ltd.

Contact Information | London, UK

Aegis Vision Limited
Boundary House, Boston Road
London W7 2QE

Tel: +44 (0) 208 434 3501
Fax: +44 (0) 208 434 3755

Aegis Vision Trading LLC.

Contact Information | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Aegis Vision Trading LLC.
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Business Bay
Dubai, UAE

Tel: +9714 4224265
Fax: +9714 3603516